Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to be back and to let you all know that Sweet Comfort now has a home in-world at the beautiful Juicy Mirabella sim! Links Below.

Some important info I need to pass on. You may notice that some of the new releases will have the black.horse log on them. Myself and my dear friend Socrates Frequency from :::POP::: will be branding together. black.horse will continue to release the best quality products to you at inexpensive prices. More info coming soon!

Now for the release!
The Sait Paddy’s Set comes complete with:
– One Chair With 6 Single Sits & 2 Couple Sits.
– One End Table
– One Hanging Light With Touch Menu.
– One Vase Of Clover.
– One Clover Coaster.
– One Dark Ale ( Touch For Drink)
Get the complete set for 250L!

In-world Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Juicy%20Mirabella/196/115/22

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/53672

Desire Fairport


I wanted to update you all on the closing of Sweet Comforts Main store inworld. Due to some difficulties in rl I am no longer able to keep it up and running. I am however happy to let you all know that I will continue to make new products and release them to my Marketplace shop. I apologize for any inconveniences.

Watch my blog for upcoming releases and speicals. All links will be posted below. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/53672
Blog: https://blackhorsedesigns.wordpress.com/

Desire xxx


I am so excited to let you all know the Sweet Comfort has a brand new home thats bigger & better! All sets are now rezzed and priced individually.

And to celebrate the new store I have set out an opening special… the set includes:

One Couch- 8 Sits and two color scheme’s

One Chair- 6 Sits and two color scheme’s

Both for L$125

Hope you all enjoy the new store and have a great week!


Mainstore: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Longwood/217/158/25

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/53672

Blog: https://blackhorsedesigns.wordpress.com/

Desire xxx

Hi Everyone!

New at Sweet Comfort is the Beach Shack. The Beach Shack comes complete with:

– One Beach Shack with Tintable windows and Lockable doors.
– One Xpose Bed with 26 loaded animations.
– Two Bedside Stands with wicker baskets.
– Two Bedside Lamps with On/Off.
– One Chest with 4 sits.
– One Shelving Unit.
– Two Vase Sets.
– One Art Piece.
– Two Book Clutter (One with book giver)
– One Cuddles Rug with 31 loaded animations.
– One Rocking Chair with 6 sits & rocking script.

Most Items inculding shack are all texture change ( 5 ext wall, 5 int wall & 4 furniture change )
Colors are: Green, Pink, Purple & Coco.

You can find the complete set as well as a pack with just the furniture at the main store and on the Martketplace.

Have a great week!

Desire xxx



Starting October 30th, MudHoney and Copley Square are pairing up for the Under the Harvest Moon Festival.  Multiple merchants have put together gacha prizes, hunt items, and some have even marked down some items for this event.

Some of the stores involved in the festival are:



JFL Men’s Wear


Fab Pony

Adore & Abhor


5th & Oxford


Little Boxes

No Strings Attached



Sweet Comfort Home Furnishings








Hi my loveies,

Hope everyone had a rockin’ Halloween last night. Heres another treat for you. Nov’s group gift is a decorative fireplace that is fall inspired. Be sure to watch for some upcoming prefab releases in the next week or so. Have a wonderful day!!

Desire xxx


New Release

Hello everyone!

Todays release is an exciting one for me as I am releasing my first color change set!
The Electric Dining set comes complete with 6 dining chairs, all chairs have 4 single sits including eat and drink, and four diffrent colors to mix and match!
– 1 Dining Table
– 1 Buffet
– Tea Dispenser ( 4 Diffrent Cups )
– Candle Centerpiece ( color change candles )
– 2 Vases ( both color change )
– 3 Hanging lights with On/Off. ( color change )
– Mirror Set
All for 550L! Items sold No Mod/No Copy/Trans
To sure to check Sweet Comfort’s mainstore for many more awesome products!
Desire Fairport xxx